I'm going to be keeping a record of every complaint about fan art from the deviantart forums. I wish the forums had pages so I could find past topics. Expect this entry to be updated whenever new topics are found. I hope to write a good pro fan art/fiction essay one day.



http://forum.deviantart.com/community/complaints/806393/ Wow, this one is just stupid, and seems to imply that anyone under 18 just draws anime and fan art. LOGIC GET

http://forum.deviantart.com/community/complaints/812970/ Folks, we have a winner on best/worst/most generalizing complaint ever.


New Elfman on the way + pics

So Bohdi (sp?) and Jenna are expecting. Aren't they kind of old? Oh well. Richard's going to be a grandaddy and Danny a great uncle. This is good. The world can never have too many Elfmans (they breed infrequently anyhow.).

Pics time!

Remember the coatimundi and crab-eating raccoon from an earlier entry? Here are their anthro forms in a kind of old fashioned Great Depression era setting. Their names are Shelly (after my middle name Michelle and the shells of crabs) and Dimitri. I like D names.

OMG Iveechan, stop being a pedo. The rarely drawn Phoebe Dreigh, daughter of Rubin and younger sister of Tobias. The background is lazy.

Where is mah folks?

They went to Pittsburgh on Friday and were SOPPOSED to be back yesterday. I would enjoy being alone but there's animals I need to take care of... and the litter box stinks... and I can't find the scoop with which to clean it. I may have to resort to picking up the dumps with a makeshift plastic bag glove. Grooooooss. Puke. Predator poo is vile.

I saw Scythemantis again yesterday (site is bogleech.com). Getting more comfortable around him. Not that he SCARES me or anything, ha, I'm just really backwardsly shy and it takes me awhile to get used to people. If I had known my famblee wasn't returning, I would have made him come over to my house. Even with the skanky cat box. Nevermind.
He got me chocolate and a bondage skeleton, which are the best things one can give a girl ;D

I made up a new nameless character who is a coatimundi. For now he's a friend of my crab-eating raccoon, also nameless, and is female despite looking masculine. All pics are worksafe:

In other news, I found out "Face Like A Frog" (as well as other Sally Cruikshank cartoons) is on youtube. Great for screencapping, but of course doesn't compare to having the awesome real, crisp version on DVD. Apparently the creator herself uploaded these, but it could also be an impersonator (why would she compete with her DVD sales, HM?). Anyway, the link is here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dOptGLEOsJ8
OMGAY, Elfman Lizard <3

ps- Ghostgecko, I didn't call you back the other day because I couldn't find your number, but I am free tomorrow and Friday.

Aw shit and a yay

One of the competitors for the visual position? Mother fucking Betsy. Why mother fucking (besides the fact that she lives with my former boss John who I still miss terribly)? She and the visual lady are friends. Not just friends, but visual lady is like a mom to Betsy (who's real mom died). Yeah, that pretty much killed my chance of having a real full time job. I need to stop making myself excited over these things.

In other news, one of my older sisters has a dog who just had puppies. She had 7 but 1 died. All boys and one girl. The mother is a double merle rough collie who is mostly white with a few greyish black spots and a bit of tan on her face and blue eyes. She's really neat looking. From what I heard she has two sable merle (like the common Lassie color but lighter) puppies and the rest are blue merle, including the girl (grey with black spots and tan markings). I want to see them SO badly.
festive skellies


I'm exctited about the possibilty of a full time position. Though I shouldn't be TOO excited since I'll have competition, but I have a good feeling about this job.

It is "visual". It's a one-person job which consists of putting up the big advertisement signs in the store (including the huge ones that hang from hooks on the ceiling, which I've actually put up before), dressing mannequins, putting up the seasonal decorations, and probably a bunch of other things. 5 days a week, 6 am to 2 pm, and an ACTUAL WEEKEND every week. And did I mention it's full time? Extra pay and benefits when I get insurance, yeah. And if I got it, I'd actually be trained by the person who's leaving.

Yeah. Probably not many reading this would care, but this is the main thing that's making me excited right now.